Your Choices Matter: The Story of Fixing America’s Broken Food Industry

Can we fix what is broken in the industrial food system? We don’t know yet but we are working hard to find a solution. Freerange Market in Medford, MA is our real life experiment. If it can pass this test, we will make a serious progress towards a better future for us and our children.

Freerange Market is quite possibly the only grocery store of its kind on the planet. It has a mission to source the highest quality products exclusively and directly from artisanal manufacturers who are committed to a higher standard than most industrial food manufacturers. Most of what you see here, you will not see at any other retail grocery store . The breads come fresh from a local bakery every morning (A&J King). The juices come from a family business (Natalie’s Orchid Island) who is determined to become the best juice company in the country (shh they already are). The olive oils come from a family farm in Turkey (Nova Vera) and has been clearing many industry awards in worldwide competitions. The coffee comes from a local roaster (Broadsheet) who has made coffee his passion, obsession and satisfaction in life. The pasta comes from a family business in Italy (Rummo) who has made themselves a reputation for very high quality standards. The feta cheese comes from a family farm in Greece (Kourellas) who take great pride in their work. The water comes from America’s most sacred source Hawaii from an amazing bottler (Waiakea). The spreads and dips come from a small local business that makes a true difference with its commitment to using the purest and the best of ingredients in their recipes (Magic Bites). The meats come from a small company (Northeast Family Farms) whose quality has been vocalized by the restaurant world’s most reputable chefs. The dairy comes from a farm whose service reputation and passion for quality goes back a couple of generations (Shaw Farm). The canned seafood comes from a Spanish business (Matiz) whose products taste nothing like what you are used to seeing in your local grocery store. Most charcuterie products come from an industry game changer (New England Charcuterie) or a small Maine based operation whose methods of production are ingenious (A Small Good). The cheeses come from many of America’s hidden treasures that have such limited capacity that they can only work with a small business like Freerange Market. The produce come from a combination of local farms (in season) or handpicked daily at Boston’s produce terminal. Even the pet food comes from an extraordinary business (Rawz) that does what has never been done before by limiting what goes into their products in order to create the next best alternative to raw meats. The list goes on and on and keeps getting bigger and bigger every day.

Despite all of its portfolio glory, it is not the only reason that makes this retail business experiment so unique. What makes it really interesting is the fact that the prices here are very reasonable for the quality of products that are being sold. The reason is that the owners are not greedy people and they want every American who is used to eating industrial junk to consider an artisanal alternative and make a conscious switch for good. People who work here are trained and compensated to educate the consumer in a genuinely caring manner. They don’t intimidate you with complicated foreign words when they talk about cheese and they don’t give you the typical industry sponsored lines. They are motivated to talk about products that have a real meaning to them and they talk from the heart. They do what they do because they like doing it. Because without a real passion for what they do, they would be fake. There is no room for fake here.

If you really care about yourself and your loved ones, you should see this social experiment for our future with your own eyes and decide if a different tomorrow is possible. Ultimately you all vote with your feet and your choices matter. So get up and visit this amazing new business. If you don’t like what you see you will have a donut on the house. It is the best one ever (Union Square Donuts).

So, are we crazy? May be. The real question is, whether you are crazy enough to be a part of this social experiment for our future. We will see. Do the right thing and show the world that your choices matter.

Freerange Market

325 Rivers Edge Dr Medford, MA