Amish Country UnSalted Roll Butter - 1 Pound

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Unsalted Amish roll butter! This Amish-style roll butter is made from naturally cultured cream with a recipe that has been perfected over the course of five generations. Slow churned in small batches, this butter has a thick and creamy texture that makes it great for anything from spreading on toast to topping off steak, poultry, and seafood. Unlike most other butter that typically contains 80% butterfat, this product has 84% butterfat to deliver a pronounced flavor in your recipes. The higher butterfat content also results in less moisture, allowing the butter to be used at higher temperatures during cooking applications while also providing your pastry products with the perfect lamination and puff. And, since it's unsalted, this butter is perfect for baking or cooking, as you can control the added salt included in the mixture to ensure the end results meet your desired flavor.
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