Broadsheet Kibingo Natural Kayanza Burundi Coffee 12 oz

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Origin: Kayanza, Burundi

Elevation:  1700-1900 MASL

Producer: Various

Varietals: Red Bourbon

Processing: Natural

Flavor Notes: Pomegranate, Nectarine, Caramel

The Kibingo washing station serves the many coffee growing communities that surround it, which includes just over 3,500 producers. Most of these are small landholders, harvesting from 250 trees on average, as is the case with the country in general. 

Once the crops arrive at the Kibingo station, they are sorted by hand to remove under or over-ripe or damaged cherries. They are then dried in a single layer on raised beds for 3-4 weeks depending on weather. Strict protocol is followed to ensure quality through this drying process; pickers go through and sort the coffees a second time on the drying beds, cover the cherries with tarps during storms and high or low heat, and dried to 11.5% moisture readings. 

For the first African coffee of the season, this one shines – it has a beautiful natural profile with subtle nuance and satisfying mouthfeel. 

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