Broadsheet Geta Bore Jimma Ethiopia Coffee 12oz.

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Origin: Jimma, Ethiopia

Elevation: 2000-2100 MASL

Producer: Geta Bore Farmer’s Cooperative
Varietals: Bishari 74110, other JARC selections, Indigenous Landraces

Processing: Washed

Flavor Notes: Peach, Clover Honey, Orange Candy

The Geta Bore Farmer’s Cooperative is one of 45 coops to receive resources through the NGO, Technoserve, allowing them access to the technology needed to produce grade 1 washed coffees and the higher prices they garner. The goal of their EMERGENCE project is to directly benefit 45,000+ small coffee farmers by filling holes in production and quality. You can read more about the specifics of their mission on their website

This coffee was depulped in a efficient and environmentally sustainable pulper before being immediately being soaked overnight, and dried on raised beds for 9-14 days. It is the first washed Ethiopian we’ve received for the season, and it’s a wonderful start to the summer – expect the florals and juicy sparkliness you’ve been missing all winter long.

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