Fresh Palamut (Bonito) Tane

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Türkiye'den taze balık çeşitlerimiz ön siparişle getirilmektedir. Shipping icin uygun bir ürün değildir. Sadece delivery ve pick up sipariş icin geçerlidir. Siparisleri ayni hafta icin Pazartesi saat 3'e kadar alip Cuma ya da Cumartesi teslim ediyoruz.

Pre-order item shipped via air-cargo from Turkey. Orders should be received by Monday 3 pm weekly to be delivered or picked-up on Friday or Saturday of that week. We notify you of the status of your order by Friday. This product is not suitable for shipping. Please note that the availability of some fish varieties are dependent on the availability of the product in the local market. If for any reason we don't receive your order, you have the right to cancel or add to the next available delivery in the following weeks. We will communicate with you to confirm your preferences.

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