Kral Kemalpasa Peynir Tatlısı / Cheese Dessert 140g

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  • 1 Pack of Kral Kemalpasa Cheese Dessert
  • Water: 1 lt. (5 water glasses)
  • Sugar: 900 gr.  (4.5 water glasses)
  • Lemon: 5 drops
  • Cooking Pot: 30-35 cm. in diameter, 20-25 cm. in depth


Put water, sugar and lemon juice into your cooking pot and heat them up. Stir the syrup thoroughly and add 1 pack of (150 gr) Kral Gulab Jamun into your cooking pot. Stir slowly every 10 minutes without crumbling your dessert. After the syrup is boiled, adjust your oven to a moderate heat, boil the sorbet 30-40 minutes and turn off the oven. Let the syrup rest for 10 minutes and your dessert is ready. While serving, you can dress it with ice cream, pistachio, cream or cocnut at your discretion.

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