Zandukeli Lemonade with Tarragon 1.5 Liter

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Zandukeli lemonade Country: Georgia,

Tbilisi   Structure: natural fragrance, sugar, water, sodium benzoate, lemon acid, carbon dioxide. Does not contain unhealthy substances.  Power value is at 100 ml: 45 kcal.  Natural lemonade of a premium class from the exclusive distributor in the territory of Ukraine. Production Georgia. Lemonades of excellent quality, have magnificent saturated taste and are poured in a beautiful glass and plastic bottle.  All production is certified according to the international standards, is made from natural raw materials and the purest water from the Georgian sources.

Настоящий грузинский лимонад из натуральных ингредиентов. Пряный аромат тархуна и мягкий вкус освежит в любую, даже самую жаркую погоду.
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