Nowruz / Nevruz 

tarihinde Cenk Emre tarafından gönderildi


What a Festive Tradition!

Nowruz is a celebration of the Persian new year and it also marks the beginning of spring in the Northern Hemisphere. This special moment is celebrated worldwide by various population groups. In the greater-Boston area we are particularly delighted to be surrounded with many friends and neighbors who consider this to be a defining moment of celebration in their cultures.

As you know, our roots are Turkish and over the last 12 months we have seen an increasing interest and appreciation for our services from communities of Iranian, Azerbaijani, and other former Soviet Union countries. This is a unique blessing and a great cultural exchange opportunity for us, as we believe in the power of stronger immigrant communities as a way to enrich the American society. In honor of the Nowruz of 2021, we would like to invite all the people of Boston to visit us and enjoy a piece of this rich tradition.

On March 20th and 21st, we will be featuring a special menu that sits at the intersection of all these cultures. It is amazing that all three dishes listed here are shared among the neighboring cultures of our region that all celebrate this special time. So we wanted to honor our common heritage and serve these foods between 1-6 pm at the Freerange Market on Saturday and Sunday of this week. Please note just like everything else, food shows some variations from one country to the next and we are choosing to prepare these dishes a little closer to the Azerbaijani and Iranian styles. Regardless of the style, we will enjoy this special moment.

The Menu
Pilav / Plov / Chelo
Kubideh / Lule Kebab / Adana Kebab
Cacik / Mast-o-khiar / Qatiq

We will also be featuring special desserts such as baghlava, qoqal and shekerbura all week-long that are local tastes of the same region as well.

If you are preparing a special Newroz or Haft-seen table in your home, we are happy to let you know that will have everything from semeni (sabzeh), to live goldfish (yeah that is right) for you to shop at our store. Sonbol, sekkeh, samanu, senjed, serkeh, seeb, seer, somaq and many other products of symbolic importance will be available all week long for you to shop at Freerange Market.

Please stop by and be a part of this effort to help our cultures connect for a better society.

Thanks and kindest regards.

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